source: Better Homes and Gardens

Kitchen pantries come in all shapes and sizes, but there are some pretty standard ideas for organizing them; regardless of their dimensions.


FIRST – you will get much more storage space if you containerize.  By that I mean, use attractive storage bins (plastic, wooden, wire, wicker, rattan) to corral like items on the shelf- for example, BAKING, SNACKS, PASTA, GRAINS, and NUTS. You can then pull the bin out to find the item you need, or slide it part way off the shelf like a drawer to find an item.  You can get so many more items in the same square footage vs. just standing everything directly on the shelf. Be sure to label the bin using stickers or tags so that everyone in the house knows what is where.


Lazy susans / turntables are another great way to  group like items – such as oils and vinegars –  they make accessing the ingredient you need much easier than reaching over other items and knocking things over.


SECOND –  invest in some square or rectangular clear storage containers.  These can be glass or BPA free plastic.  Use them for baking ingredients, cereals, pasta, grains.  Not only will the contents stay fresher than they will in an open box or bag, but visually the look will be more cohesive and spatially, you’ll be able to snug the containers up against each other to make the most of the space.


THIRD – Don’t let the floor space go to waste.  Use the floor for bulky heavy items.  Keep in mind that dust will collect in that area from the crack under the door.  You may want to containerize (wooden box w/wheels, rectangular storage bin) whatever you store on the floor – or at a minimum, dust the area often.


LASTLY –  don’t forget the back of the doors and the side walls are great storage areas as well. You can use over-the-door pocket organizers, hooks, shelf systems or Command Hooks in both areas to store BBQ tools, spice racks, trivets, mixer attachments – you name it!  Granted, bi-fold and barn style doors don’t offer storage space on the backside, but regular hinged doors provide lots of extra storage space.


For more inspiration and suggestions, check out this Better Homes and Garden’s video: