Keep It Simple Series: My favorite organizing tool – Over-the-door Pocket Organizers

No matter how big our home is, there is still a need for accessible, convenient, sensible storage solutions.  Believe it or not, my favorite organizing tool is the humble over-the-door pocket organizer  – you know, that thing that was originally intended as shoe storage.

They come in clear vinyl, canvas, white with colored trim – all sorts of colors, materials and price points.  This one is from Lowes and costs $15, but the vinyl versions are less than $10.  So, where can you use them and what can you use them for?  Here are a few ideas – you’ll find lots more on Pinterest, but these are some that I’ve used and that have worked great:

  1. In the closet to hold sets of mittens, gloves and hats
  2. In the pantry to hold water bottles »»
  3. In the broom closet to hold bottles of cleaning supplies
  4. In the playroom to hold Barbies and their clothes
  5. In the playroom to hold Legos, sorted by color or type of piece
  6. In the utility closet  to hold umbrellas, batteries, lightbulbs, extension cords
  7. In the bathroom or linen closet to hold medicine and first aid supplies
  8. In the craft room to hold yarn, ribbon, crafting tools or rolls of vinyl
  9. In the bedroom to hold socks, underwear, camisoles,
  10. In the garage to hold garden tools and gloves
  11. In the garage to hold bug spray, sun screen and sun glasses
  12. Oh yeah, in the closet to hold shoes!

These are just a few ideas, there are countless others!  If you’ve used one of these pocket organizers for a purpose I haven’t mentioned I’d love to share it;  please send me a picture in the comments!