Command Hooks to the Rescue!

Buzz Feed put together this great list of 37 Clever Ways Hooks Can Organize your Entire Life.  I love Command Hooks and use them all the time, all around the house.  Whether it’s to hang a wreath on an exterior metal door, put up temporary holiday decorations or hang shower poufs in the shower – really the list of possible uses is only limited by your imagination.


Command Hooks come in a variety of sizes and colors.  There are clear, white, silver tone and velcro.  This quick search for Command Hooks on Amazon yields a pretty impressive selection! Don’t forget that if you don’t find a match for your project, you can spray paint the hooks to match your decor or the surface you plan to adhere them to.


When you’re at the store selecting which hook fits your need, note the upper right hand corner of the package because it will list the weight that the hook can be expected to hold.  Also, when you’re putting the hooks up, make sure to follow the directions and give the adhesive time to “cure” and fully adhere to the surface you’re attaching it to.  If you rush the job and hang something on the hook as soon as you put it up you run the risk of having it detach and fall off – I’m pretty impatient, so I’m speaking from experience here.  While not exactly a “hook” the Command Velcro strips are come in really handy when you want to hand something flush with your wall – likes plaques or frames.  I’ve also used the heavy duty clear velcro strips to attach my EZPass transponder to my windshield.


When it’s time to remove the hook, you hold onto the hook (or the velcro strip) and pull down on the exposed tab of the adhesive strip.  It stretches to double it’s size and then the hook and tape simply pull off the wall.  I’ve used them on painted walls, a granite backsplash, stained kitchen cabinets and in fiberglass shower stalls and in each case the adhesive came off neatly without leaving any residue. While the adhesive strips are one time use only – the hooks themselves can be re-used again and again.  A quick Pinterest search will provide tons of inspiration and ideas!  Happy Organizing!