Category: “Use What you Already Have” Organizers

There are lots of items around you home that can be repurposed to use as an organizing tool.

No matter how big our home is, there is still a need for accessible, convenient, sensible storage solutions.  Believe it or not, my favorite organizing tool is the humble over-the-door pocket organizer  – you know, that thing that was originally intended as shoe storage.

They come in clear vinyl, canvas, white with colored trim – all sorts of colors, materials and price points.  This one is from Lowes and costs $15, but the vinyl versions are less than $10.   (more…)

I just loved this antiqued (but new) POST box as soon as I saw it!  I had been looking for some discreet storage in a small 1/2 bath with a pedestal sink. There are no shelves or cabinets in the room and I didn’t want to stack storage boxes on the floor.So, I had to start thinking outside of the box – so to speak.  My husband thinks it’s a bit odd to have a mailbox in the 1/2 bath but honestly, I love it in the space!  It’s a whimsical and unique solution to my storage problem and one that adds fun and personality to the space.