Category: Recycling Unwanted Items

As we all get ready for an influx of new technology items this holiday season, I thought it timely to let you know about two large U.S. retailers who will recycle your outdated, non-working or no longer needed office and home technology items – in most cases free of charge. (more…)

Did you know that you can donate unwearable, stained, torn or worn fabric items to the Good Will and Salvation Army – as long as they are clean and dry?  Well, you can. These organizations are able to re-sell only about 10-20% of the fabric items that are donated to them.  The remaining 80% are sold to fabric recyclers and re-purposers (not sure this is actually a word, but you get what I mean).  Textile recycling is one of the oldest forms of recycling there is and it keeps massive amounts of fabric items out of landfills. (more…)