Musings on organization:

Posted by Liz Pool on January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017!

According to the data pulled from Google by iQuanti, this a ranking of the most popular New Year’s resolutions for 2017:

  1. Get Healthy
  2. Get Organized
  3. Live Life to the Fullest
  4. Learn New Hobbies
  5. Spend Less/Save More
  6. Travel
  7. Read More

Clearly – at #2 – getting more organized is a pretty common concern/resolution.  I’d like to help you get more organized!  While I’m at it, I’ll help you with resolution #5, too; because when we can find things at home, we don’t end up re-buying or replacing them.


 Since it’s the start of a new year, I wanted to share something with you that works really well for me. (more…)

Posted by Liz Pool on December 22, 2016

A Place for Everything….

You know how the rest goes, …..and everything in it’s place.  The first printed citation of this epigram is said to have been in December of 1827, by Charles A. Goodrich, who said, “Have a place for every thing, and keep every thing in its proper place”.


Fast forward 189 years…..having a place for everything and keeping everything in it’s proper place is essentially a 12 word definition for being organized. Easy peasy, right? (more…)

Posted by Liz Pool on December 13, 2016

Re-homing Purged Items: Technology

As we all get ready for an influx of new technology items this holiday season, I thought it timely to let you know about two large U.S. retailers who will recycle your outdated, non-working or no longer needed office and home technology items – in most cases free of charge. (more…)

Posted by Liz Pool on December 12, 2016

Think Outside The Box – Post Box that is…..

I just loved this antiqued (but new) POST box as soon as I saw it!  I had been looking for some discreet storage in a small 1/2 bath with a pedestal sink. There are no shelves or cabinets in the room and I didn’t want to stack storage boxes on the floor.So, I had to start thinking outside of the box – so to speak.  My husband thinks it’s a bit odd to have a mailbox in the 1/2 bath but honestly, I love it in the space!  It’s a whimsical and unique solution to my storage problem and one that adds fun and personality to the space.

Posted by Liz Pool on December 8, 2016

KEEP IT SIMPLE SERIES: Start the day off right – make your bed!

You know what that means….your mom was right, again!  Honestly, the single most effective tool to keep your bedroom organized is to make your bed first thing when made-bedyou wake up in the morning.  It’s that simple!  Since the bed typically takes up the most space in the room, if it’s put together, the room has the overall appearance of being put together.  It’s so motivating to leave the room knowing that you’ve already got one item accomplished for the day!  Give it a try – I think you’ll agree that it really gets the day off to a great start. (more…)